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Apart from the admin listing submission, our framework includes a front-end submission process, that you can easily manage and adapt to your business model.

Each one of your listing types will display a different flow in the front-end submission, based on the listing fields that you have created.

First think first

Let’s start by creating the submission page. Go to your admin dashboard, create a new blank page by going to Pages  Add New, then name it properly and publish. Navigate to Listing Types  Settings  General  Pages and select that same page from the drop-down option Submission page. If you visit that same page on the front-end, you will see that it is rendering a different layout that your other pages, we have a separate layout for the submission page.

Learn more about pages.

Single or multiple listing types

Once you have the main submission page, you need to decide how many listing types you need – one, or maybe multiple. If you choose to use multiple listing types, then the first step in the front-end submission process will be to select a listing type.

How do I manage all the fields in the submission form?

You can easily manage all the fields for each one of your listing types, by simply going to your admin dashboard, then navigate to Listing Types  (edit any listing type)  Listing  Fields. Then use the interface to create multiple modules.

In some cases, you may need to hide a specific field on your submission page. You can do that by expanding the module and uncheck the option Show in submission form.

Additionally, you can use the option Column size in order to display multiple fields on the same line.

Step — Listing plans

If you want to monetize your business from listing plans, then a new dedicated step will appear in your form, as your first step. It will simply ask you which plan to use for your submission.

Step — Pricing

Some action types require the pricing option to be enabled for your listing types, like the Purchase action type. If you enable the pricing, then a new dedicated step will appear on your submission form.

Final submission steps

The last two steps of your submission form will be a confirmation and a publish button. These steps are static, and you don’t have any control over it, so it can’t be removed, but yes, using our template system you could replace the HTML with anything else (if you need).

New listings — approval

Yes can decide whether to have an admin approval for your new listings or not. The option for this could be found by going to Listing Types  (edit any listing type)  General  Submission, and then check or uncheck Requires admin approval. The entry status will be changed based on your selection.

The listing statuses are as following:

  • Active — Published and visible to everyone.
  • Draft — Just a draft, this listing is not visible.
  • Pending Approval — Required admin action.
  • Pending Payment — Required payment in order to become visible.
  • Expired — Expired listings are archived and not visible on the front-end.

Disable front-end submission for any listing type

On that same section, you can check or uncheck the option Disable front-end submission and the listing type will be only available for admin submission.