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Mobile Navigation

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The mobile action bar is a unique navigation bar, integrated with our products. It works like a simple, fast navigation that points you to some of the most important pages or actions of your platform. It is very accessible for mobile devices and web-view apps.

How to manage the mobile action type

Navigate to your admin dashboard, then go to Listing Types  Settings  Theme  Mobile  Action bar.

Use the drag-en-drop interface to create new items, sort or remove navigation items. You can select a specific icon for each item, or create your own icon set.

With the custom menu item, you can point the users to any internal or external URL

Pre-defined modules

Using the pre-defined items, you can trigger specific action on the site:

  • Explore page
  • Submission page
  • Messages
  • Open notification panel
  • Open favorites modal
  • Open sign up modal / sign out

Show / hide menu items based user session

You can also hide a specific menu item for signed in/out users using the options Hide when logged out or Hide when logged in.