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Listing types

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The listing type is a set of rules and dependencies that all the listings in that group will follow. As an example for listing type would be RestaurantsCarsEvents. Each one will have different fields, filters, and single page modules.

You can have an unlimited number of listings types, and each type can be completely different from the others.

How to create a listing type

It is easy, go to your admin dashboard, then navigate to Listing Types  Add New. In the options below, you can manage all the settings of your listing type, like custom fields, submission process, plans and more.

Public submission

By default, the visitors of your website can use a front-end submission page to publish their listings, based on the fields and criteria you have created. You can disable/enable this, editing your listing type from the back-end and going to General  Submission.

In the same section, you can define whether you want to approve the public submissions or not.

There are more options related to the listing types that we will discuss in other parts of this documentation.