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What is the explore page?

The explore page is a simple rendering page, that will display your listings, based on any criteria. It is like the blog page for your posts.

Global explore page

The global explore page will display all your listings, a combination of all your listing types.

How to create a global explore page?

Simple create a new blank page by going to Pages  Add New, name it Explore (for example), then navigate to Listing Types  Settings  General  Pages  Explore page, and use the drop-down menu to select that same page. On the front-end, it will render all your listings automatically.

How to add a search form for your global explore page?

First, you need to create the actual search form, that you are going to use for your global explore page later. Once you have it, navigate to Listing Types  Settings  Explore  General  

Exclude listing type from your explore pages

You can have multiple listing types and the explore page will render them all. If you need to exclude any specific listing type, you can do it by going to Listing Types  (edit the listing type)  Explore  General  Exclude from global search.

Explore specific listing type

Each listing type is using the global explore page, add inject specific parameter in the URL in order to display only the listings under that group. For example. If your global explore page is at /explore/, your listing types will be displayed at /explore?type=[listing-type-slug]. This is why you should avoid using the reserved keyword key for your filters.

If you edit a specific listing type, you can go to it’s explore page, by clicking the button Edit Explore Page in the upper admin bar.

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