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Payment Packages

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Guide on how to set up and manage your payment packages.
The Yo!Classifieds theme supports unlimited number of the payment packages. They are created in the same way as the default WooCommerce products. The most important thing during the creation of the payment package is to choose the correct product type, just like it is shown in the screenshot below.
How to set up the correct product type for the payment packages
You can disable payment packages functionality from Yo!Classifieds  Options
To find out everything there is about managing Payment Packages please continue to the next section

Manage Payment Packages

Learn how to create a payment package and find out about how it can be used in the Yo!Classifieds theme.
To create a new payment package go to Products section in wp-admin and click on Add New. The most important thing here is to change the default product data field to Payment Package product.

How to set product type to payment package
Payment package is a WooCommerce Product accessed from Products section.
To fully understand what you can do with payment package with all its options and and how to use them in the best way possible please watch the tutorial video from below.
Videos mentioned in the tutorial:
How to manage promotions: Promotions
You can set up a Free Trial package by checking the Sold Once checkbox during the payment package creation. Checking that option means that the user will be able to buy and use the package only once.