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List of frequently asked questions about the site functionality and various other options that may not be clear by default.
Do I need Google API key?
By default Google API key is not required at all on the site, but if you wish to enable users to type and search for their location when submitting an ad you will then need to use the api key.
If you do not use Google API key the users will still be able to use that kind of functionality by adding coordinates that they can find through the link in the field description.
How to create google api key?
Please watch below video tutorial in order to find out how you can create your own google api key.

I don’t have pages like search, register, login, account, checkout etc?

The Yo!Classifieds theme requires that certain amount of specific pages is created in order for it to work 100% correctly. Those pages you can create just like any other page from the Pages section of wp-admin area and then you need to choose them as the templates from the theme options.
To do that go to the Yo!Classifieds Settings -> Pages Settings -> Default Pages tab and from the dropdown of each required page choose the ones from the list of the available pages.

How to disable payment packages or ad promotions or detailed search?

You can easily disable this features by going to Yo!Classifieds Settings -> Lisifinity Settings from the WordPress administration.

How to set up a free trial package?

You can set up a Free Trial package by checking the Sold Once checkbox during the payment package creation. Checking that option means that the user will be able to buy and use the package only once.