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Explanation of the core ads concepts. How they are being used in the theme, how they are created and how they are being managed by site administrator and the site users.
What we’re calling ads in the theme are essentially WooCommerce Products. We expanded WooCommerce functionality to enable creation of ads with all necessary fields and additional custom fields while maintaining full WooCommerce support for all its default functionality, plugins and extensions.
Posting ad as a site user
In order to submit an ad as a user of the site a registration is required. Once the user is successfully registered and possibly verified submitting ads would become available.
Only registered users can submit ads
An ad is being submitted to the site through the user dashboard. The user can do it by cilcking on the Submit Ad in the header or by clicking on Submit New Ad in the dashboard.
If the payment packages are enabled on the site then the user will be prompted to buy one before submitting a new ad. To find out how you can create a new packages please read Payment Packages.
You can disable payment packages completely from the site if you go to the theme options by following the path: Yo!Classifieds Options -> Theme Setup
The ad submission form consists of the 6 steps that need be filled out by the vendor in order to successfully submit the form. The last, 6th step is used for purchasing ad promotions. It will only be loaded if the promotions are enabled on the site and there are promotions created.
To find out how you can create promotions please read Promotions. You can, also, disable promotions from the site completely by going to: Yo!Classifieds Options -> Theme Setup
Posting Ads (Administrator)
Guide for creating and posting ads as a site administrator and as a vendor.
Posting ad as a site administrator
Creating an ad as a site administrator is a really simple process. It is done by going to Products section of wp-admin area then clicking on Add New button.
The most important thing during that process is to set the product type to Ad Product, just like it is displayed in the image below.
How to choose correct product type during ad creation