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Page, post & question

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This setting to set the page, post or question layout and background.

When add or edit a pages, posts or questions will find some tabs and one is named “Pages Options” to can make a custom setting for this page, posts or questions.

  1. Choose the sidebar layout to show at this page.
  2. Choose what’s sidebar will show at this page.
  3. Choose one of the skins are come with the theme.
  4. Or choose your custom color like you need.
  5. Choose the background style :
    1. Default : Will be like all the site setting.
    2. None : if you have a background style at the site but choose here none will remove it at this page.
    3. Patterns : Will can choose background color and pattern like next items at “Background Color and Choose Pattern”.
    4. Custom Background : If you don’t need the pattern images you can upload your custom image and choose the attributes for it.
  6. Background Color when choose from the background type “Patterns”.
  7. Choose the pattern images.
  8. Choose your custom attributes like upload image, change color, … When choose from the background type “Custom Background”.
  9. Choose the image at full screen when choose from the background type “Custom Background”.