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Creating the Navigation Menu

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To create a custom navigation menu
  1. Go to Appearance > Menu
  2. Click on “create a new menu” to create a new menu (eg. Main Menu).
  3. Add the menu items from the left panels
  4. To create dropdown menu: drag the menu item toward the right (the item(s) will be indented)
  5. When you are done adding the menu items, click “Save Menu”
To assign menu locations

Scroll down to the bottom where it says “Theme locations” and tick the menu location checkbox

  1. Menu left – not logged = menu in the left area when user not logged
  2. Menu left – logged = menu in the left area when user logged
  3. Header menu – not logged = menu in the header when user not logged
  4. Header menu – logged = menu in the header when user logged

If you wont to add profile links or poll questions link

  1. From the top choose screen options
  2. Select WPQA – Custom Links
  3. First one is “polls” and this to show all the poll questions
  4. All the others are links for the user profile
  5. To add the icons at the any items add the “Navigation Label” like this <i class=”icon-home”&gt</i&gtHome
  6. If you have a sub menu at the left menu and need it when open the page open like the demo add this class nav_menu_open like the next image :
  7. If you need to use icons for the menus, use this at the “Navigation Label”
    <i class="icon-home"></i>Home
  8. If you don’t have this input you need to check it first like the next image :