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What PHP framework JOOJ Talk is built on?

  • JOOJ Talk does not use any types of frameworks, the script is full pure PHP code, with the exception of third-party libraries SDK and other

 When is the next update coming up? what is the new features?

  • There is no specified date for every new update. Developers do this at their discretion, but JOOJ Talk is regularly updated and improved.

 Which host provider do you recommend for JOOJ Talk?

  • We recommend you to use Godaddy, Hostwinds, Bluehost

Why I get 500 internal service error?

This may cuase due folder permissions error, Web server issue, please contact your host provider and let them fix it for you.

 Why do I get 404, when I open any page?

  • 1. Please make sure that the .htaccess file is uploaded to your server and updated to latest version.
  • 2. If the file is exists, but you still face this issue, please contact your host provide, and let them enable mod_rewrite.
  • 3. If you are using a VPS with Ubuntu Linux installed, please follow this guide.

Why am I getting an error while uploading a video or image

There may be several reasons for this

  • 1. The upload folder has no write rights
  • 2. The (core/libs/ffmpeg/ffmpeg) file has no rights for execution
  • 3. The PHP exec() function is disabled by your hosting provider
  • 4. PHP has the limit of uploaded files and request size (Look php.ini file configurations)
  • 5. PHP has the limit of uploaded files and request size (Look php.ini file configurations)

Sometimes it happens, so you have a system (ffmpeg) installed on your server and it conflicts with the one that comes with this script, it crashes, in such case we recommend that you use the one that is installed on your server. You can specify the path to the binary file in the Admin panel -> Settings -> FFMPEG binary. As shown below

If your server already has system (ffmpeg) installed as we said, then just specify the path to it in this field

 Why is sending emails not working?

This problem occurs due to the SMTP settings, for example, the wrong port number or the type of encryption. After making sure that your SMTP credentials as hostname username and password are correct, try the following options

  • 1. Try using TLS with 587
  • 2. Or try SSL with 465

If your SMTP still doesn’t work, please contact us for technical support

Where can I modify the HTML tamplates?

All that relates to the layout can be found in the folder ./themes/[theme_name]/apps/<app_name> respectively.

 Where can I edit the CSS styles?

For simplicity, we have divided all parts of this project into conditional parts that we call applications.
Each of which has its own separate styles, JS code, PHP code and everything that it needs to function

For example, the home page is an application, the profile page is an application, the error page is also an application, and they all have separate dependencies that I mentioned above

All styles for pages (Applications) are located in the folder: themes/default/statics/css/apps/

Let’s say you want to change the styles for your home page

To do this, you need to go to the folder as shown below: themes/default/statics/css/apps/home.

This file (style.custom.css) is the one that is intended for the custom css code. After you write your code there, save the file.

 Where can I write custom JS code?

So that you can add new JS scripts without losing them when updating, you need to put your code in the following file: themes/default/statics/js/custom.js