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Change the App Icon

Android App Icon
A beautiful app icon is a perfect first impression for your customers. It’s easy to add your app icon to your WebViewGold project: Make a right-click on each ic_launcher.png size (from hdpi to xxxhdpi) and click “Reveal in Finder” (Mac) or “Reveal in Explorer” (Windows). Replace the file with your icon. Alternatively, use this helpful tool: Launcher Icon Generator (we are not affiliated with the developer company).

On devices where square icons are used, the icon of “ic_launcher.png” is displayed; on devices with round icons, either “ic_launcher_round.png” or “ic_launcher_foreground.png”. These three icon files must be placed in the folders “mipmap-hdpi”, “mipmap-xhdpi”, “mipmap-xxhdpi” and “mipmap-xxxhdpi”.