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AdMob API Ads

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Banner and Interstitial ads via AdMob API

AdMob offers the possibility of monetizing mobile projects. It is a Google-provided service for integrating Google ads into mobile applications. The AdMob program allows mobile application developers to incorporate ads on iOS and Android platforms. The ad space provided by the app developer is paid by clicks (CPC, Cost Per Click) or impressions (CPM, Cost Per Mille). WebViewGold is ready for activating AdMob ads by default, and it allows you to monetize your WebView-based applications.
Open Config.java file:

Monetize your WebView apps with native AdMob SDK

You can activate and deactivate banner and/or interstitial ads and define the interval of appearing interstitial ads. Please set your AdMob IDs in the strings.xml file before launching your app:

Enable specific AdMob ad blocs in your app

For more information, please consider the official AdMob SDK documentation as well (but skip the setup parts as WebViewGold already includes the framework).