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Common Issues

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It shows 403 Forbidden error when accessing the site

That’s because your file manager ignored the .htaccess file, it can happen because cPanel filemanager by default has the option “Show hidden (dotfiles)” disabled. So, always make sure the .htaccess file is present at the very first.

It shows “This page isn’t working”, “Error 500”

This could happen because of numerous reasons, for example if the PHP version doesn’t match, one or more of the required extensions are not enabled. To check what’s causing the error, open the file: src/constants.php file and set the constant DEV_MODE to true, like this: define('DEV_MODE', true);. Alternatively you can check the log files from here: src/var/logs/. And solve the issue according to the error message. If you still can’t figure out the issue or resolve it, please do let me know.

When I save ad-codes or header/footer scripts, it won’t save anything.

Your server has ModSecurity enabled. And it prevents users from submitting codes via POST/GET requests. So, to solve the issue, you will need to disable ModSecurity from your domain. If you can’t do it, you’d need to contact your server/hosting provider to do it for you.