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Vendor Analytics

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Dokan has added the new Vendor Analytics module to the rich collection of modules. Now, vendors can measure and track their store performances and find out whether their store is going well or needs improvements.

So, let’s see how to setup this module.


The total required things are:

  1. WordPress
  2. WooCommerce plugin
  3. Dokan Lite
  4. Dokan Pro(Business Package).

Activate Vendor Analytics Module

To activate the module, navigate to WP dashboard->Dokan->Modules. Now, activate the Vendor Analytics module.

Activate analytics module

Add Google Analytics Account

To track the store metrics and performances, you need to add your Google Analytics account.

Go to Dokan dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Vendor Analytics.

settings vendor analytics

Now, click on ” Log in with Google Analytics Account“.

login vendor analytics

You will be redirected to the Google accounts page. Now, you need to add the Gmail account you have used to create your Google Analytics account.

Next, Allow the Dokan app to access the data from your Google analytics account.


Then, you will be redirected to the Dokan dashboard.

There you need to add your Google Analytics Tracking ID. You can add multiple ids if you want.

tracking id

Hit the Save Changes to complete the setup.

Google Analytics (Vendor’s View)

Vendors can see their analytics from the vendor dashboard. Click on the Analytics option from the sidebar of the dashboard.


Then, the vendors will be able to see their store metrics.

store metrics

They can view their,

  • Top Pages
  • Activity on pages
  • Locations
  • System
  • Promotions
  • Keyword.

That’s it for the settings of Dokan vendor analytics.

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