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Tawk. to

Facebook Messenger


This module will let registered and customers chat real-time with vendors. The live chat button displays on vendor store pages and product pages.


  1. WordPress 4.5 or above
  2. WooCommerce 3.3 or above
  3. Dokan Lite 2.8.2 minimum
  4. Dokan PRO 2.8.2 minimum
  5. TalkJS Account (Premium)

Installation & Admin Configuration

1. Turn on the module Live Chat.

2. Navigate to Dokan>Settings>Live Chat.

3. Activate the checkbox Enable Live Chat between seller and customer to allow vendors and customers to access this feature from the frontend.

Live Chat Dokan Doc

Now a new menu called Inbox will appear in the Vendor Dashboard where all the incoming messages online and offline from live chats from all registered users will be stored.

4. Next, you need to get the App ID and App Secret from TalkJS.

To obtain the App ID and Secret, you need to signup and open an account in TalkJS, if you haven’t already. It’s completely free.

The link to signup is already provided in the global settings page: Get your App ID and App Secret.

5. When you signup you will find the app ID and secret key immediately at the top.

Copy the App ID and Secret Key from here.

6.  Paste it on your Dokan Live Chat global settings page in the relevant fields.

7. Next, enable the checkbox Show chat button on seller page if you want the chat option to appear in the vendor store pages.

When you activate this, store pages will display a Chat Now button, that’s easily visible to customers.

8. Now select how you want the chat button to show on a product page.

You can place it Above Product TabInside Product Tab, or choose not to show.

Above Product Tab View

Inside Product Tab View

9. Finally, click on Save Changes.

Vendor Configuration

1. From the vendor’s end, vendors need to navigate to Vendor Dashboard>Settings>Store.

2. Select the country from the drop-down which is a required field, if you haven’t already.

3. Now activate Enable Live Chat checkbox at the end of the page.

Note: Vendor must activate the Enable Live Chat checkbox for the chat option to appear on his store page and product page.

4. Then click on Update Settings.

Customer View

Note: Only registered users/customers can use live chat.

Customers have to initiate a live chat either from the Vendor Store Page or a Product Page.

When a customer clicks the Chat Now button from a product or store page, a modal window box will pop-up that will allow the customer to talk directly with the vendor.

In this pop-up window the customer can write queries, concerns, or problems to the vendor about a product or service or other issues he is facing in the marketplace.

When a new message comes from the vendor, it will instantly show in the window.

For the convenience of customers, the pop-up window will load in all pages around the web store.

So that customers can browse around other pages or screens unhesitatingly during an open live chat conversation. And messages will still be received and delivered between the vendor and customer in the same way.

Vendor View

The vendor will instantly receive the messages customer sends. If he is in his dashboard, he can view the messages right from his Inbox. And if the vendor is on another page in the webstore, he will be able to view and reply messages using the same modal pop-up window.

The Inbox will show the number of new customers who have messaged the vendor. The vendor will be able to reply directly from Inbox. And also include documents, files, or images if he desires.

The double ticks beside each message indicate that the message has been delivered.

Desktop Notifications

The vendor can also activate Desktop Notifications for convenience, so that if he is on another tab, he will still be notified of incoming messages.

For this to work, the vendor has to keep his browser tab open, and he will see a pop up when someone talks to him.

Vendors can also access and reply to live chats from any page through the pop-up window. Vendors are not obliged to reply from dashboard only.

Add attachments to live chat conversation

The chat box shows when the other end is typing a message.

Customers and vendors can also add attachments like screenshots and files with their messages.

The attachments can be opened right from the live chat window. When the attachment is clicked, it will open in a pop-up modal window instantly in the same screen, which can be quickly closed as well.

Vendors can open attachments from Inbox also.

Enable email notifications for vendors & customers

Vendors and customers can be notified by email about live chat messages.

1. To enable email notifications for live chats, Admins need to go back to the TalkJS Dashboard. Scroll down to Configurations and click on the + button.

2. Under Configuration Name, type vendor, then click on Create and Save configuration, as shown below.

This setting will allow your vendors and customers to be notified via email when they receive messages on live chat while they are away or offline.

Now both vendors and customers will receive email notifications if they have been offline or away for sometime.

This completes configuration of Dokan Live Chat module.

Quick walk-through of the module


Facebook Messenger

Now, you can use Facebook messenger to talk with your customers and answer their query.

To enable Facebook Messenger, select the Facebook Messenger option from the Live Chat settings. Hit Save changes to finish.

facebook messeneger

Create Facebook Page

Now you need to create a Facebook page in order to connect your store with Facebook. Select the Create Option from your Facebook account.

There select Page.

select page

Select any of the page type. Give your page name and category.

page type

Go to Settings from your created page.

settings fb page

On the next page, you will find many options. Choose Messaging and click on it.

choose messaging

Go to  Page -> About -> More Info area. Copy the Page ID from there.

copy link

Now, you need to add Messenger to your website. Click on Get Started beside Add Messenger to your website option.

add messenger to website

Add your Store URL on the domain text box. Hit Save. Lastly, click the Finish button to end the process.

add domain

Add Messenger URL To Your Store

Go to the vendor dashboard. Click on Settings.


On the next page, if you scroll down, you will find options Enable Live ChatFacebook Page Id. Only add the number from your Messenger URL you copied earlier. Click on Update Settings to finish.

facebook page id

Now, if you go to your store, click on Chat Now, you will see a pop up with the Messenger icon.


Tawk. to

As part of the lucrative Live Chat module of Dokan, Admins and vendors can integrate their store with the amazing tawk.to platform. It is free software that lets their users monitor and chat with the visitors on their store.

You can easily give live support with one on conversation with the visitor.

Let’s see how you can set up the tawk.to the integration with your Dokan powered multi-vendor marketplace.

For Admin

The admin or the owner of the marketplace doesn’t need to do much. He/She just needs to enable tawk.to from the dashboard.

Navigate to Dokan–> Settings–> Live Chat. There enable tawk.to. Click on Save Changes to finish.


That’s it for the admin side.

For Vendors

Now, vendors needs to integrate tawk.to with their store. The following steps will help to do that sucessfully.

Step 1: Create a tawk.to account

First of all the vendors need to create their own tawk.to account. Don’t worry, as the platform is 100% free, you don’t need to pay any money to signup.

Step 2: Add property

Now, you need a chat widget where you will get the tawkto property and widget id. For that you need to create a property on your tawk.to account. Follow the below screenshot to create the property.

Add property

Step 3: Give the necessary credentials to finish creating property

You need to add your Property name, URL, Widget name to finish creating your property.

Add credentials

Now, click on the Done button to finish.


Step 4: Copy the Property Id and Widget Id

Now, you need your tawk.to property id and widget id. Click on the Add-Ons button,


Now, click on the Chat Widget option.

Chat widget

Now, copy the property id and the widget id like the screenshot below.


Step 5: Paste the property id and widget id

You need to paste the tawk.to property id and widget id on your store settings.

Go to your vendor dashboard and click on Settings.


Now, scroll down and enable the Live Chat option. Then paste the tawk.to property id and widget id in the textbox. Click on Update Settings to finish.

paste the id

You are nearly there!

Step 6: Test the integration

Create an incognito or a dummy user and go to your store. There click on the Chat Now option and test the integration.

Chat now!

You will receive your messages in the tawk.to chatbox.


You need to reply them from there as well.


See the whole conversation.


That’s how you can integrate tawk.to with your Dokan powered mutlivendor marketplace!


You have the option to use WhatsApp to chat one on one with your customers when you enable the Dokan live chat module.

To setup WhatsApp, you need to follow the steps.

For Admin

The admin or the owner of the marketplace doesn’t need to do much. He/She just needs to enable WhatsApp from the dashboard.

Navigate to Dokan–> Settings–> Live Chat. There enable WhatsApp. Click on Save Changes to finish.


If you have the WhatsApp application installed in your device, the you should choose APP, otherwise you can choose Browser.

choose app or browser

You will see that there is a pre-filled messages with some templates. You will get shortcodes {store_name},{store_url}.

That means, when someone knocks on your store, you will receive the store name and store URL.

For Vendors

You need to add your WhatsApp number on your store settings.

Go to your vendor dashboard and click on Settings.


Now, scroll down and enable the Live Chat option. Then add your WhatsApp number in the textbox. Click on Update Settings to finish.

Add whatsapp number

So, when you click on the WhatsApp icon or the Chat Now option to open WhatsApp.

Live chat module

You will see the message on your WhatsApp chatbox.


That’s it for Dokan WhatsApp integration.

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