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Dokan Dashboard

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After successfully installing Dokan on your WordPress site, you’ll get an easy-navigated Dashboard. From here you can get all the information of your online store at a glance.

Information such as, number of vendors, amount of commissions, sales per month, number of withdrawals, and more.

So in that case, you need to navigate to WordPress> Dokan> Dashboard.

Dokan dashboard

How To Use Dokan Admin Dashboard

Dokan admin dashboard is easy to understand where admins can get a quick overview of his/her store’s insights. So, you don’t need to check each and every vendor’s profile for investigating reviews, sales, updates, or other stuff.

However, for your convenience, we’ll focus on some parts of the Dokan admin dashboard so that you can get a quick overview.

First of all, navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan→ Dashboard

Dokan Admin Dashboard

It includes four sections At a GlanceOverviewDokan News Updates Stay up-to-date.

At a Glance Part

Here in this part, you’ll get an overview of net sales this month, the number of vendors signed up this month, the number of products created this month, ‘commission earned’, the number of vendors waiting for approval, and withdrawals awaiting for approval.

Dokan Dashboard at a glance

Overview Part

The Overview section consists of an overall graphical presentation chart of the total number of sales, the number of orders placed and commission.

Dokan Admin Dashboard Overview

Dokan News Updates Part

The Dokan News Updates section in the dashboard presents all the latest news updates to be accessed related to Dokan.

New Updates

Stay up to date Part

In this section, you can get all the news about the new features of Dokan by subscribing to our newsletter using an email address.

Admin Dashboard

That’s it!

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