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User Account Menu

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The User Account Menu is located on the top right corner of your header. This menu is used as a shortcut to access the Dashboard panel from the frontend of your website. The User Account Menu is created automatically when you are going to create the various pages required for the Dashboard panel section.

Create the user menu

As described above to add the page needed for the User Account Menu navigate to Pages > Add New as you see in the image below and locate the Page Attributes box on the right sidebar to find the list of page templates needed. it is not mandatory that all pages are added, but you can only add those that are only necessary to your site or your kind of users.

List of pages to you need to create:

  • Dashboard homepage: Dashboard
  • To manage and add listings:
    • Dashboard Add Listing
    • Dashboard Listing Submitted
    • Dashboard Listings
    • Dashboard My Bookings
  • To save favorites: Dashboard Favorites
  • To check invoices: Dashboard Invoices
  • To send and receive messages: Dashboard Messages
  • To manage reservations: Dashboard Reservations
  • To manage user profile: Dashboard User Profile

Styling the user menu colors

The User Account Menu follows the main header and color settings.

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