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Header Layout

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The header is probably one of the first things you will want to set up on your website. The header consists of a series of elements such as logo, navigation menu, social icons and contact information. The theme is provided with several options to customize the header and its content. All these elements, such as colors, fonts, images, etc. can be customized without touching any code.

Airent offers four different Header Layouts, each with its own design and set of options. Please follow the documentation below to learn more about header settings.

How select the header style

  1. Navigate to Airent Options > Header Nav 
  2. Select Header Style: choose from Header v1, Header v2, Header v3, Header v4

Header Layout

  1. Navigate to Airent Options > Header Nav 
  2. Select Layout and choose from:
    1. Full width
    2. Boxed
  3. Select Navigation Align and choose from:
    1. Left align
    2. Right align
    3. Center align (only for header v2)

Transparent header style

Below is an example of how you can setup the Transparent Header. The transparent header can be displayed on the homepage or inner pages, not listing pages, property detail page or archive pages.

To setup the transparent header edit a page, scroll down to the page bottom and find the Page Header Options box below to enable the transparent header.

Please note: It’s only work if the header v1 or v4 is selected.

Header social icons

Airent allows you to display your Social account in the header. The header social icons are available only for Header v1 and Header v3 and the Top bar.

Please note: On the Header v1 the social icons are visible only if you don’t activate the login/register buttons.

  1. Enable/Disable header social media
  2. Facebook: Enter Facebook profile URL
  3. Twitter: Enter Twitter profile URL
  4. Google Plus: Enter Google Plus profile URL
  5. LinkedIn: Enter LinkedIn profile URL
  6. Instagram: Enter Instagram profile URL
  7. Pinterest: Enter Pinterest profile URL
  8. Youtube: Enter youtube profile URL
  9. Yelp: Enter Yelp profile URL

To enable the Sticky Header navigate to Airent Options > General

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