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PayPal Setup

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PayPal is a service that enables you to accept payments. To enable PayPal payments to access your admin panel and navigate to Airent Options > Payment Gateways > PayPal Settings and click Enabled

How to get a PayPal API

Log in to the PayPal Developer Portal using the same credentials you use for PayPal.

STEP 01 – Select Dashboard.


STEP 02 -Click Create App under REST API apps. Any previously created REST API apps will appear in the table under the Create App button.


STEP 03 – Enter the name of your REST API app in the App Name field, and select a Sandbox developer account to associate with your account.

Note: Remember that you can’t use a Live credit card in Sandbox, and you can’t use a test credit card in your Live account.


STEP 04 – Click on Show to see the Secret key

STEP 05 – Navigate to Airent Options > Payment Gateways > PayPal Settings

  1. PayPal API select Sandbox
  2. Copy and paste the Client ID code and the Secret key
  3. Paypal Receiving Email: add the email where you want to receive the PayPal notification

Switch From Sandbox to Live

STEP 01 – Log in to the PayPal Developer Portal, navigate to your app and select Live and Show to see the Secret key


STEP 02 – Navigate to Airent Options > Payment Gateways > PayPal Settings  

  1. Select Live where is PayPal API
  2. Copy and paste the Client ID code and the Secret key

Please note: The PayPal sandbox and live environments each use different sets of API credentials. When you switch to the Live mode you have to add them again.

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