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Booking General Information

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Airent provides powerful tools such as listing management system, booking, and reservations that you can use to manage your website as a marketplace and open your website to listing advertisement listed by other users. Start receiving bookings from your visitors today!

How to create the Booking System

The following steps are essential to set up properly your website to accept reservations. We suggest following our documentation as a sort of checklist.

  1. Allow users to Log in and Register
  2. Setup the Front-end Dashboard to have all tools ready to submit and accept reservations and payments
  3. Setup the Front-end Submission system to let your user be able to log in and submit listings.
  4. Setup Paypal and Stripe to receive payments
  5. Setup the Currency options
  6. Setup Payments
  7. Setup Service Fees
  8. Setup Taxes
  9. Setup the Invoice options
  10. Setup Email Notifications
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