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How do I get an Google CSE ID? To get a Google CSE ID follow

Common Issues

It shows 403 Forbidden error when accessing the site That’s because your file manager ignored


Language files should be and are located at site/themes/default/languages folder. To create a new translation, copy existing

Setting up cron-job

Important: You must setup the cron-job, otherwise GoNews won’t work properly. The automatic time based

Adding new Engines

Engines are mainly different Google Custom Search Engines created by you. GoNews already comes with

Customizing the site

You can change the site name, description, logo and other basic information by navigating to: Settings

Creating a database

First thing you need to do before installing GoNews is to create a new database


Requirements Before you try to install GoNews, make sure your environment meets the following requirements. Make


Uploading files To install JOOJ GoNews, first of all you need to upload the files

GoNews Documentation