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Theme Options

CouponXL comes with extensive theme options panel where you can set up basic and advanced things. We tried to classify theme options inline with front end. So when you change some option you can ‘connect’ it with front end. That means, for example when you edit header options there you will edit all options related with header part in front end.


Main theme options sections are:

  • Overall Setup
  • Top Bar
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Home Page
  • Inner Pages
  • Contact Page
  • Offers
  • Messaging
  • API Setup


From those settings depends many things on CouponXL website from payments to colors. We will go trough all options step by step.


Overall Setup

Overall Setup

Overall Setup is CouponXL theme options section where are all overall settings all togheter. Simple list of those sections are:

  • Content Direction
  • Theme Usage
  • Main Colors
  • Button Colors
  • Slider Setup
  • Default Location
  • Pick Font
  • Favicon



This part of theme options is reserved for some important notifications your website might have which will appear at the top of the website on each page. This notification can be permanent or users can close it. Beside that you can change color of the text and background color of notification.



SEO settings added too so you can add meta keywords or description.


If you are using WordPress SEO Yoast plugin open file header.php and remove two lines which are market on this picture:


Content Direction

CouponXL completely support RTL & LTR text direction. Some writing systems of the world like the Arabic and Hebrew scripts in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side. So simple choose desired website direction.


Theme Usage

This theme option is connected with website or theme usage. CouponXL can be used for deals only, forcoupons only or for deals & coupons together like it is on the official demo presented. So purpose of this theme option is to little modify theme and this is highly connected to front end sidebars where this option affect main filter widgets.


This is how backend looks like.


And here is what is affected on front end side.


Beside that wee added in one of CouponXL updates possibility to choose number of home sidebars:



Major improvments with permalinks to be translatable and used as pretty permalinks which is great for SEO. Important is that when you finish editing just go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and that is it, simple after changes done it is important to visit wp permalinks to relaod permalinks settings.


Main Color

In this section you can play around with few basic colors. Main color theme option is color which representpurple color in demo. When you change this color all purple color everywhere on the website will be changed in color you like, actually in color of your choice. Font color is actually color for the elements with the main color as their background color. Background color is overall body background color.


Button Colors

Button colors are colors related to deals and coupon boxes buttons (eg. SHOW COUPON – VIEW DEAL…etc.) in the front end. Button background color is simple color of the button background. Button font color is actually normal state font color. Button background color on hover and Button font color on hover are same like above but just for hover state (What color and background to be on mouse over?).



Slider Setup

Slider setup option is overall settings for each slider on the website. Simple allow autorotate of the slider and set up rotate speed or timer for the slider in miliseconds (6000ms = 6s).


From one of our updates now youc an edit slides even more, also slide caption can be over or below image:


Default Location

Default location option is option which can be very usefull. Main idea is to set up initial or default location so when someone first time visit your website he can see deals & coupons from initial default location. This is quite usefull if you like to target specific audience.


Pick Font

This option pick font is actually option where you can setup fonts for all titles/headings on the website (h1 -h6) and in same time different font for all the content. You can pick some of the 650+ Google fonts and create completely different overall look and feel for all titles/headings and content trough website.



This option is really self explanatory but in case that someone is on beginner WP level we can say that favicon is browser ‘tab icon’ and here you can create and upload your own favicon. Format of favicon can be PNG (which is the best for favicons) & JPG. Also can be SVG of course, even can rotate but that is optional of course. Here is backend of the favicon set  up.


Top Bar

Top bar is top part of the website where are on the dark background search fields, social and profile buttons.



First is General option where you can simple choose will top bar appear or not. Simple like that.



Social is to put your social links related to your social profiles. If they are empty they will not appear in top bar at all.



And third Search is actually place where you can set up basic placeholders for your search fields.



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